Episode #23: Artisanal Hot Sauce Man

With so many new, independent publishing platforms out there, from YouTube to podcasting, blogging to tumblr, why are people still so consumed with the standards of old media? Do some podcasters just want to get a TV series? Bloggers just want to get a book deal? It’s not about selling out, it’s about controlling your destiny.

But first, we get caught up on everything that’s happened since episode #22, including Jenny’s podcast cruise and Paul’s foray’s into Portland tech conferences.



Jenny: Welcome to Nightvale (listen in order)

Paul: Aardvark Hot Sauce

Jenny and Paul Sell Out #23

Episode #22 – Everything south of Joliet

What does it mean to be from the midwest? And, where the hell is it anyway? Does Southern Indiana count? Is Chicago the same as Missouri? 

These are just some of the penetrating questions we tackle in this episode, joined again by Ellen Knutson, PhD., recorded from a bar in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood.


Jenny And Paul Sell Out #22