Episode #15: In Defense of the Manchild

Adulthood. ¬†Why do some people avoid it? Why do some people say they can’t handle it? What does it mean?

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  1. I finally am getting caught up on Sell Out. This one had so much I could relate to in it… Jeez I have known so many basement dwelling man children. Some are "artist" types who maybe don't have practicality wired in their brains, and the others just refuse to develop any life skills/get in touch with adult realities. The latter tend to be people who were raised with minimal to no expectations to do anything – but I can't say it was because their parents were helicopter types, in fact a few were checked out and too busy with their own self indulgences.

    I agree that financial independence is a starting point for adulthood, and it also has to be stable over long periods. Like, you have a plan when you quit your job! Or you, you know, try not to do things that would get you fired.

    Anyway I wanted to put in a plug for a game called The Big Big Castle. I love it possibly more than my kid does and I think your guest might too. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-big-big-castle!/id515771744?mt=8

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