Episode #12: Trapped in the Closet

On this episode we consider the life and art of R&B superstar R. Kelly. Helping with this Big Mac sized task are Chicago artists and scholars Jake Austen, Christy LeMaster and Edward Crouse who all particpated in R Kelly 101 along side our own Jenny Benevento. The event was sponsored by Homeroom Chicago. You’ll learn about his days in high school choir, how McDonald’s is his happy place, what he eats on set, and what R Kelly has in common with Wagner. 


Jenny and Paul Sell Out #12

Episode #11: Thinking Man’s Keanu

Paul’s brother, Dr. Kyle Riismandel, PhD., is our first returning guest to take up one of the most divisive issues in popular music: that Canadian power-trio, Rush. Jenny isn’t anti-Rush, so much as she is plagued with stereotyped impressions of the Rush fanbase that we must all discuss. But first everyone shares their favorite things and we dive into the important popular culture artifacts of rap music trading cards.