Episode #9

For the Beatlesque episode #9 our guest is Cyrus Pireh, the world’s greatest living electric guitar player. He joins for a discussion about being a professional artist when what you do lies outside many people’s expectations, and how fear of judgment often prevents people from making music or any art. Plus, ska and blenders!



2 Replies to “Episode #9”

  1. I have much to say about this podcast, but only one thing to ask:

    Are you telling me that the bedroom noodling has been self-cockblocking this whole time?

    cause that is supernovae level irony right there.

  2. I AM saying that bedroom noodling is counterproductive. It's a fine excuse to get someone to your bedroom, but if it lasts more than 3 minutes, it becomes increasingly less likely to work. Your mileage may vary based on your actual career as someone who plays a guitar and likelihood of meeting ladies who ACTUALLY like when you play the guitar. I for instance would really rather no one play me an acoustic guitar in a bedroom but would and have paid you money to play the guitar. And I thank you for having been in my bedroom with a guitar and not playing it.

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