Episode #8: Get Off My Lawn

Librarian and music lover Toby Greenwalt joins Jenny and Paul to tell the story of how he was blacklisted by the College Music Journal when he was a college radio DJ and manager.  Then we digress into the topic of musical taste, and how folks learn about new music and bands in a time when commercial radio is stagnant and the internet rules. We also share our favorite things of the moment. 

We also really want to know how you find out about new music. Do you still discover bands on the radio, or do you use Pandora, Pitchfork or do friends fill you in? Let us know in the comments.


Things of the Fortnight!


Megan Abbott‘s Dare Me

Outlaw Journalist

Jenny and Paul Sell Out – Episode #8

Episode #7: It’s Not the Beardos

Aside from Paul’s unnatural affinity for Kip Winger, would you have any idea that he and Jenny are both metalheads? (Please, no arguments about how Winger isn’t metal. That’s so 1990.)

After first doing some catchup with Sweet Valley High and debating the alleged sincerity of Andrew WK, on this episode we dive deep into the rhetorical moshpit to discuss why we love the oft-maligned genre of heavy metal.  We track the rise of metal nerds, which is a concept that would have been unthinkable in 1988, and try to parse out the limitless subgenres from death, thrash and speed to power and elf metal. Of course, Jenny and Paul also have to argue some about why Paul can’t quite accept power metal, even though he likes King Diamond and Manowar. 

Not just for the metalheads.

Show Notes:

Power Metal recommendations from Jenny:

Rhapsody of Fire

Village of Dwarves

Emerald Sword


Battle Hymn

Paul’s Show Pick: Gojira’s L’Efant Sauvage

Jenny’s Show Pick: Deathmøle a band made of characters from the comic Questionable Content

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