Episode #1: Making Hipsters Cry

In this premiere episode, Jenny and Paul immediately get right into it. They discuss why it’s valid to take all culture seriously, even when it’s culture that other people deride and look down on, and how Jenny’s Precious Moments lecture made the hipsters cry.  

Show Notes:

Jenny and Paul Sell Out #1: Making Hipsters Cry

3 Replies to “Episode #1: Making Hipsters Cry”

  1. Folks down in Virginia listened to y'all sell out, and are wondering exactly how culturally relativistical you'll be able to get further down the line. We'll be keeping our ears pricked.

  2. I think the overlooked thing about hipsters is that they never called themselves that. It's recent usage has always been an epithet. It never started as a label that hipsters gave themselves. The term and the culture of the hipster shortcut the broad cultural appropriation process and went right to derision.

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